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How to buy Caspari products:
As a retailer

If you are interested in selling Caspari products you have a few options:

  • Contact your local agent, sales representative or our customer service (see Contacts)
  • Place your orders at Caspari E-Business (E Commerce) - EU & UK
  • Place your orders at Caspari B2B (Business to Business) - USA

If your store is located in EU or the UK you can buy through Caspari E-Business. A guide on how to start using Caspari E-Business can be found under E-Business.

If your store is located in the US you can buy through our Business to Business website. Start using Caspari B2B by registering your company at Caspari B2B and following the guidelines.

As a customer

If you are a regular customer you have a couple of options. You can either visit our own stores in Charlottesville and Paris or
request us to find a store near you at

Alternatively you can purchase our products through one of our webshops:
Caspari Online International (EU & UK) or Caspari Online (USA).

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